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Nile Maxim Marriott Dinner Cruise

Nile Maxim Marriott Dinner Cruise

Nile Maxim Marriott Dinner Cruise is often described as the most luxurious and deluxe Dinner Nile cruise ship in Cairo. Awarded many times by the Ministry of Tourism for their quality of services and facilities offered, sailing down the Nile can never be better than the Nile Maxim.

 Pharaohs Dinner Nile Cruise e Cairo Nile Sail , dinner in Cairo

Nile Pharao Nile Cruise

The Pharaohs Dinner Nile Cruise is the only thematic Nile cruise in Cairo. Guests would go on a wonderful journey sailing down the River Nile and roaming around the history of Egypt in an unforgettable mood. Inspired by the outlines and design of ancient Egyptian solar boats, this is an experience not to be missed.

Nile Crystal Dinner Cruise Cairo Nile Sail

Nile Crystal Dinner Cruise

Nile cruise dinner is among experiences tourists who travel to Egypt has to enjoy. Nile Crystal Dinner Cruise is one of the ships that offer the highest standards of services, facilities, entertainment shows, and open buffets; including Western and Oriental dishes.

person in double room
person in double room